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About Angela Coombs Matthews

Landscape, memories and reimagining  underpin Angela’s creative output expressed across a range of media including photography, printing, drawing and painting.

The elements in nature and the physical world that Angela absorbs at a particular time and place lead her to embarking on a voyage of the imagination involving surface characteristics, tonal planes, mark making, linear and textural qualities, colour relationships,  and being totally immersed in the creative process,  allowing the work as it evolves to inform her.

Her works are responses to  interactions with and feelings about her immediate surroundings and the natural world in general, and mindscapes made up of the many elements that Angela has observed and absorbed over time. They communicate creatively Angela’s internal musings and she invites the viewer into the process of interpretation and emotional engagement.

When Angela works with multiple digital images she enjoys discovering relationships between many things when images are merged together, when something disappears or is seen through something else, when a new form, texture or shape reveals itself, when part of an image is set against a textured background, when all of the images used at once are visible and when daylight can turn dark.

Angela creates imaginary places, situations and moments, evokes moods, feelings and new visual experiences for the viewer from familiar subject matter in the physical and natural world.

Art Print Residence, Arenys de Munt, Barcelona, Spain. 2016

A six week long residency focusing on carborundum printing, polymer photogravure, etching, drawing, chine colle, digital imagery, monoprint, and artist books.

Hill End, New South Wales, Australia. 2015

The month of August living in Murrays cottage drawing, photographing and making polymer photogravure plates. Time was also spent at Hill End Press printing and undertaking workshops.

Launceston City Council Cataract Gorge Artist in Residence Program, Kings Bridge cottage, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. 2011

A five week residency during January/February exploring Cataract Gorge, making collagraph prints and paintings.

A second residency in November/December focused on exhibiting the work made during and after the first residency, engaging with people who visited the exhibition and making more new gorge inspired works for an upcoming exhibition in Canberra.